The right team and collaboration is most important

Silicon Valley’s greatest advances came through collaboration – making serendipitous encounters critical.

Creativity is a collaborative process. As brilliant as the many inventors of the Internet and computer were, they achieved most of their advances through teamwork. Like Robert Noyce, the founder of Intel, some of the best tended to resemble Congregational ministers rather than lonely prophets, madrigal singers rather than soloists.

Even though the Internet provided a tool for virtual and distant collaborations, another lesson of digital-age innovation is that, now as in the past, physical proximity is beneficial. The most productive teams were those that brought together people with a wide array of specialties. Bell Labs was a classic example. In its long corridors in suburban New Jersey, there were theoretical physicists, experimentalists, material scientists, engineers, a few businessmen, and even some telephone-pole climbers with grease under their fingernails. Walter Brattain, an experimentalist, and John Bardeen, a theorist, shared a workspace, like a librettist and a composer sharing a piano bench, so they could perform a call-and-response all day about how to manipulate silicon to make what became the first transistor.

This is the way how we have developed the Accounting Box and Siris.

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PRONET at CeBIT 2014

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1.010 kilometers from Kranj, 500.000 square meters, more than 300.000 visitors, 1 trade fair. CeBIT is the largest IT trade fair in the world and takes place each year in Hannover – this year for the 19th time in a row. Yet still, the fair this year is different from all the previous ones, because for the first time ever, it also plays host to PRONET Kranj!

After the grand opening on Sunday, that reached it’s peak in the speaches by David Cameron and Anglea Merkel, CeBIT 2014 finally and officially started on March 10th. The PRONET team, consisting of Laura Berčič, Boštjan Berčič, Sašo Perc and Anže Štembergar Zupan, regrouped, had a cup of coffee, then rolled up their sleeves and took to work.

The first day included familiarizing with the territiory, setting up the final details on the stand and preparing the “battle plan”. It also nearly included a meeting of Angela Merkel and our Siris (but sadly Siris was busy and Angela had to move on without meeting her).

The PRONET stand

The evening ended with a party – we will neither confirm or deny the rumors it included free food and beer, and pole dancing robots…